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Project Description
Mighty Mouse MVC is a sample WinForms application that demonstrates how developers can build applications based on the Model View Controller pattern. It's developed with Visual Studio 2008 in the C# programming language.


Mighty Mouse MVC is an exercise intended to:

1. Demonstrate the Model View Controller design pattern in a very simple way.
2. Act as a sort of "Hello World" MVC application.
3. Demonstrate the use of user controls and WinForms in an MVC application.
4. Show how MVC components can function in separate assemblies.

What Mighty Mouse MVC is NOT:

- It's not a very useful real world application. (unless your really bored and want to feed a virtual mouse).
- It's not an MVC framework nor is it built using any MVC framework.
- It's not a demonstration of a cool GUI.


Might Mouse MVC consists of 5 Visual Studio 2008 projects inside one solution.


Mighty Mouse MVC is my first MVC application and I wanted to use CodePlex to get feedback on my design and code strategies.

Help Wanted

I would like to see a better View built for Mighty Mouse MVC. The current user control is very lame. Anyone wanting to show off their UI abilities is welcome to send me their code...

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